Dear Jill, we would like to offer you the creation of your own unique chat application for mobile phones.
Why you might be interested in this:

Based on your subscription base, we estimate the lower threshold of your monthly income from the application at 10,000 Euro;
You get your personal application, which we develop together with you, and make it truly unique and fully focused on promoting your personal brand and maintaining your fan base;
You get the perfect audience retention mechanism that no longer depends on Instagram, Youtube and other platforms, and where you can give your fans maximum happiness - a piece of personal communication with their beloved star;
In addition to retaining your current audience, you can also attract new audiences by using viral and referral mechanics, contests and prize games in your application.
Who we are and why we are confident in success:

- Entrepreneurs with extensive experience who have created many successful companies, including social and gaming applications;
- We already have a fully-fledged system of themed chats, which we have run on several game chats in test mode, with the following functionality:
• Global, personal and group chats
• VIP chat with selective access (paid or for "good karma")
• A well-developed monetization system with different subscription options, as well as an ability to purchase coins for which you can buy stickers, gifts, chat colours, emoji, name colours and much more in the application
• Ability to give gifts to other users
• The Wheel of Fortune functionality, with attractive prizes and integration of virality and monetization mechanics.
• System of contests and drawing of prizes.
In addition, we can supplement the application with special functionality for you in the future:

• Your news feed, photo and video integration, as well as your poster;
• Your unique stickers, gifts and emoji fully linked to your personal brand;
• We can even envisage the possibility of a "personal audience", the cost of which is determined by you, for example, 5-10 minutes of personal communication with a fan may cost up to 400 Euro (maximum cost threshold of 1 transaction).
We are confident in our common success and will be happy to discuss the details of our cooperation.
+49 160 700 29 27
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